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I know this has been asked before but i see alot of answers saying titans or ox accelorator but i have only heard bad things about these? Nothing bad with a Titan and proper tuning Steve. I've used one for years in my FAC-tuned. It's not about shoving a higher performance spring into the cylinder and that's all there is.

weihrauch hw80 spring

Ox, however have something of a pretty poor performance record in a lot of spring rifles. My HW80K carbine is running at I have two. The other is a longer barrelled standard HW80 which is beautifully accurate and smooth at this level on my licence. It has only just needed a broken spring replaced after more than 10 years and thousands of shots with it. I wouldn't want them higher. I will not give any further advice on tuning your HW80 to this level here.

I'm sure you'll understand why. But it is a fallacy to suggest the HW80 spring rifle is only good at this level of power. I've shot with mine long before they were put on ticket and tuned up. They were absolutely razor sharp accurate at The increased power means the rifles get the pellet to the target animal much quicker before they have a chance to turn fast and dodge the round on firing over ranges of 25 to 60 metres.

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weihrauch hw80 spring

Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted June 20, Share this post Link to post. Whats your hw running at? I hear they run better at the ftlbs mark than the 12ftlbs?Title says it all. What are your all time favorite hunting springers for yard shots for birds, rabbit and squirrels? I just might have the newest. I have almost one tin through it now.

I can't put the dang thing down! Doxiedaddy — you have definitely fallen headlong down the rabbit hole as fast as any of the rest of us — we salute you! Speaking of rabbits, to answer your question, the HW95 is my all-around favorite for hunting small game out to 50 yards.

And the added power of the HW80 isn't always easy to shoot well. I also don't like how they are finished with a plain stock that doesn't even cover the breech block.

It just doesn't feel special and the whole thing just doesn't do it for me. Now having said all that, I do love the old Beeman-branded versions the Beeman R1. If you can find a classic R1. For those unfamiliar with this rifle, here is a very brief history: Back in the 's, Robert Beeman began importing high quality, European spring piston guns including Weihrauchs into the US. In the early 80's, he partnered with Weihrauch to create a new high-powered "Super-magnum" spring piston rifle for the US market.

This was launched as the Beeman R1. At the time, Beeman had exclusive distribution rights for this rifle in the US, but not in the rest of the world, where it was sold by Weihrauch as the HW Fast forward to now and many things have changed.

The result: The HW80 is not very popular anymore and has lost the mystique that the R1 used to have. At least that's how I see it. Doxiedaddy - you have definitely fallen headlong down the rabbit hole as fast as any of the rest of us - we salute you! The hw80 is the only model that I did not like enough to keep. Yes, it is heavy, but so is my hw97k and I love that gun. The issue for me was the harsh shot cycle.

At any power level, and I tried everything from 18fpe to 12fpe, I found the hw80 to be more harsh than my other HW spring guns. Even at 12fpe, it was nowhere near as docile or accurate as my hw97k. IMHO, this is a result of the hw80s large 30mm compression chamber.

I would be quite confident with this out to 70 yards on a sitting bunny, if I knew my distance. Out to 50 yards it would be all over, one shot right in the boiler room. This is truly a super magnum Springer. I have another of these in 17, it is an absolute laser. And one other in If I were going out to hunt bunnies or squirrels for an afternoon, I would grab it in a second.

Still an awesome super springer. I have R1's in. They're not the most pleasant gun to shoot but they do what they were designed to do very well. I will target shoot with them but prefer my sub fpe HW97 for that. A great match for squirrels and rabbits and enough power for body shots at 50 yds. Have some funHome Air Rifle deals! RFD transfer services back online! For personal collection please make an appointment.

Weihrauch Spring and Gas Ram rifles. Weihrauch HW99S. The highly renowned introductory rifle from Weihrauch is finally available here at Big Dan's. Despite the lower price tag compared to its bigger brothers the HW99S is still an out and out workhorse and an incredibly accurate one at that!

The HW99s will definitely suit those that are after a lighter rifle from the Weihrauch stable whilst also getting all of the features of the more expensive rifles. The HW99s is still beautifully finished and the rifle comes with the world famous and Weihrauch exclusive Rekord trigger unit. This is an absolutely beautiful two stage adjustable trigger that is quite possibly the best trigger mounted to any spring rifle on the market today.

A set of adjustable sights are fitted to the HW99s alongside Weihrauch's signature push button automatic safety system. The stock is also a brilliantly finished piece of beech that has been stained with a Walnut finish.

Overall the HW99s is easily one of the best full power introductory rifles on the market today which is more than capable of vermin hunting or competitive target shooting. Available in.

Contact us for more information, purchasing and RFD transfers! The HW95 is another extremely solid rifle from the HW stable that oozes quality and dependability which is sure to be appreciated by both hunters and paper punchers!

A bigger brother the the HW99s, the HW95K features everything that you'd expect on a Weihrauch rifle including the stunning Rekord two stage adjustable trigger, Weihrauchs automatic push button safety and a class leading level of finish and attention to detail that is only found on a Weihrauch. The HW95K is ever so slightly heavier than the HW99s coming in at 7lbs however due to the excellent balance of the rifle the HW95K feels just as pointable as the little 99s, the other advantage of the HW95K is the carbined barrel and Weihrauch silencer which is fitted as standard making the rifle not only whisper quiet but also much easier to cock.

Despite the extra silencer the HW95K is still a perfect weight for walked-up style hunters looking for a lighter shooting companion or target shooters looking for an easy handling and light weight rifle. Weihrauch HW80K Weihrauch's legendary break barrel, the HW80 has earned itself a reputation for tremendous accuracy and superb toughness and reliability.

Simply shouldering the HW80 gives you a feeling as to how solid this rifle really is. What must be said however is that the HW80 is one of the heavier break barrels that Weihrauch make, so if you're after a fast handling and light weight rifle to take with you for stalking rabbits or pigeons then this may not be the rifle for you. That being said however the weight does serve a purpose and it makes the HW80 the smoothest of the HW break barrels to shoot due to the weight dampening the recoil during the shot cycle.

Because of this the HW80 is incredibly easy to shoot consistently and is far less "jumpy" when compared to its lighter brothers HW99s, HW95K making the HW80 a superb rested target rifle and hunting rifle if you're used to heavier rifles.

The HW80 also comes with Weihrauch's world renowned Rekord two stage adjustable match quality trigger and the push button automatic safety. The HW80 is known for being silky smooth and incredibly easy to shoot consistently along with being a tough and highly dependable rifle. The HW77 took the shooting world by storm when it was first released and completely dominated the Target Competitions thanks to its fantastic handling and accuracy.A superior, light and well balanced air rifle of excellent accuracy for the whole family.

A proven medium-heavy sporting and training air rifle suitable for all types of leisure and sporting use for the whole family.

Solid construction with powerful piston spring and excellent accuracy. This classic rifle from Weihrauch continues to set standards by which other weapons are judged. The superb construction and finish are well-known just like its excellent reputation for power and accuracy. Especially designed for scope shooting. Well-balanced, easy and smooth cocking. Probably the best break-barrel air rifle available, often classified as "the work-horse".

The robust construction, the excellent accuracy and the powerful mainspring guarantee an extraordinary efficiency and penetration power especially at longer distances. Quality made in Germany, handy and lightweight. Ideal for sports and leisure shooting. The proven models HW 95 with very high efficiency and excellent accuracy and suitable for all types of leisure and sporting use.

weihrauch hw80 spring

Handy and lightweight in the well-known Weihrauch-quality. Each single sporting and hunting gun is inspected carefully and adjusted precisely before it leaves our premises. The projectile velocity V 0 for air guns is checked to ensure that they comply with the various legal regulations that apply in the respective countries.

Weihrauch HW80 Air Rifle Test Review .177 Caliber

HW 35 Standard This classic rifle from Weihrauch continues to set standards by which other weapons are judged. HW 35 E This classic rifle from Weihrauch continues to set standards by which other weapons are judged. HW 98 Especially designed for scope shooting. HW 80 Probably the best break-barrel air rifle available, often classified as "the work-horse".

HW 85 Quality made in Germany, handy and lightweight. HW 95 Standard The proven models HW 95 with very high efficiency and excellent accuracy and suitable for all types of leisure and sporting use.Before you shop around, keep one thing in mind - we know airguns because we ARE airgunners.

Our sales and support teams make sure you get the right airguns, ammo and accessories for your needs.

Weihrauch Parts

And if anything goes wrong, we'll make it right. Plus, we do custom modifications and services you can't find anywhere else - all done by our team of trained airgun technicians. Share your images. Extreme penetrating power. Earn Bullseye Bucks. Estimated in-stock date Place your order now for delivery priority! Click to get email when it's in stock! Unit Converter for Airgun Measurements. Create an online review and share your thoughts with other customers.

Things I liked : Mine in. Put a Hawke Vantage 3x12x44 on it. Dialed it in in two moves. I always take my Hawke, and turn elevation up degree turn before I mount now. After six of 'em you know what they do. I stacked two JSB pellets at my 40 yard zero. I handed the rifle to my pal, the Homicide detective, and he stacked two pellets. That's two people that shoot alot duplicating the same result. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! Things I would have changed : Mine looks and shoots perfectly. I like the old school stock, or classic.

The forestock feels like my HW35E. Don't change anything. Maybe offer a walnut stock option? What others should know : I tighten my screws before each session using my Weaver gunsmith driver set.

That way, the rifle doesn't trick you into thinking your scope lost zero. I know it sounds lame, but when you do it every time, then you won't be aggravated by loosening screws. Start off your session exactly the same way each and every time on these rifles especially.

Have fun, shoot safely. Thank you, Pyramid Air for another beautiful rifle. Things I liked : everything!!! I know there are a lot of folks out there that love their PCP's - and that's great - but if you're a die hard springer fan then this ones for you my friend.

I got mine a few months ago and put around pellets through it so far - keep in mind it takes a couple hundred pellets to break in these bad puppies but after you do it's phenomenal. I'll never go to another springer although I've been hearing a lot of good hype about the HW98 German madeI'm sure it's very accurate as well.

Things I would have changed : the only thing I would change on this rifle Is. It's terrific!! What others should know : I bought mine. HW80 I learned from, Pyramyd Air, that this air rifle is basically the same as the older Beeman R1 which I used to have a long time ago - and yes, that one too, was absolutely, one of the most accurate air rifles you could buy on the market.It's also for the person who appreciates quality and is not seduced by everything that's new and shiny.

Furthermore, it's for the person who knows how to be patient as the gun settles-in over time. If this description matches you, the HW80 could very well be the gun for you. Quality never was…. This traditional, dare we say old-fashioned, approach still has plenty of fans. And for those who have the skill to shoot it well, this is a no-brainer choice. We make our Value For Money assessment on this basis. But those who prioritize price, features and FPS will probably wonder what the excitement is about.

The maximum Muzzle Velocity with lead pellets was achieved, of course, with the 7. This was an average of The Overall, there was a slight but definite tendency for the Weihrauch HW80 air rifle tested by HAM to vertical stringing on the target.

We did, of course, check that all the screws were tight. And the lock-up felt good, too. However HAM Tester Eric Brewer, an experienced and FT match-winning springer shooter was very happy overall with the accuracy he achieved with the gun, as you can see by his comment on the test target below! Of course, the Weihrauch HW80 air rifle is fitted with the famous Rekord trigger.

This two-stage trigger is adjustable for first stage travel and trigger creep by removing the stock. However that prominent screw behind the trigger blade allows the user to adjust pull weight. Due to the design of the Rekord trigger, both first and second stage pull weights are adjusted at the same time by the same screw.

As always, we tested this Weihrauch HW80 air rifle with the trigger as set by the factory. As always, the Rekord trigger has a comfortable, ridged, metal blade that has a comfortable and natural feel for the ball of the trigger finger. However, the cocking action was smooth and consistent. It was also aided by the long barrel. We measured the cocking force as 34 Lbs.

This is very close the FPS of the test gun using 7.Click here to view the plan full size. Click Here to print the plan. This item is currently out of stock but you may request that we notify you by email as soon as this item goes back in to stock.

Please note that the price of this item may change depending on the current price charged by our suppliers.

B Front stock screw - See C as alternative. B Front guard screw - M7x32 - Domed Head. B Rear guard screw. B Foresight screw. B Rearsight windage screw old model, 15mm threaded lenght.

HW80 project part 2 Paul Short piston and spring set up

B Foresight element screw. B Rearsight Elevation screw. B Trigger adjuster screw. B Rearsight retaining screw. B Rearsight windage screw new model, 22mm long shank. B Barrel axis bolt unit complete. B Trigger adjuster screw-Gold. BB Windage ball. Price: No Longer Available.

BK Cocking lever shoe, new type replaces old style shoe. Old style no longer available. BK Trigger housing. BRL Barrel. No Payment is Required at this stage. C Front stock screw - special.

weihrauch hw80 spring